Below is a summary of the different services Plospan has to offer you:

  • Processing your residual wood. You can deliver this yourself or Plospan can position containers or walking floors.
  • Plospan mainly supplies full loads via retailers, but, in consultation with your retailer, we can always look at the possibility of delivering smaller amounts.
  • Plospan has truck-mounted forklifts available. If you do not have a machine to unload the load, it is also possible for us to deliver with a truck-mounted forklift truck.
  • The pallets are usually fitted with a cover that protects the products from the sun and rain. This makes it possible for you to store the pallets outside. Naturally, this is not necessary if you do not want to.
  • Plospan works mainly with standard quantities on pallets. This can always be discussed and possibly adjusted. For example, the height may be important in connection with a door of a shed or store.
  • Plospan has more than 30 years of experience in exporting. We can also assist in relation to, for example, seaborne freight or export documents. We have a licence as an approved exporter.
  • Our extensive fleet enables us to deliver from 4 to 35 tonnes of our wood pellets to you.