Completely self-supporting

The site in Waardenburg has a large storage capacity of approx. 65,000 m2 available and therefore delivery from stock can usually be guaranteed. Plospan stands for sustainability. We are producing as neutrally as possible with respect to CO2 to a greater extent as is shown by the fact that we have installed 9240 solar panels on the roofs of our industrial buildings. The entire production, including most of the means of internal transport, is powered by solar energy. We generate so much energy that hundreds of households in the area are provided with electricity. This more than compensates for the CO2 emissions that are released by our trucks so that our carbon footprint is 0.0.

Raw materials

Collecting our raw materials is done with sustainability in mind. Plospan has its own fleet of 35 truck combinations on the road supplemented by an average of 30 articulated trucks that belong to external carriers. This ensures that we are very flexible and routes for collecting residual wood and delivering the end product to our customers can be coordinated with care. In principle, we do not put an empty truck on the road. This is how we save energy and the environment as much as possible. Our articulated trucks also comply with the implemented Euro 6 standard, which means they drive cleaner.

Producing responsibly economically

Plospan bioenergy wood pellets are produced from clean residual wood and have 4 certificates. We only sell what we produce. The production of wood pellets is uniquely produced as 100% CO2 neutral. During the day, the solar panels generate more power in a period of 10 hours than we use in 24 hours producing wood pellets. Plospan is located in Waardenburg, a village in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands, along the A2 motorway in a congestion area. When the West-Betuwe municipality runs short of power, Plospan supplies power. This can be done quickly by switching on a cogeneration engine immediately. Or, if the production process allows this, we can even turn machines off. In this way, we can extract an optimum return from our sustainable power supply.

Environmentally friendly with solar energy

Plospan produces C02 neutrally
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