Adelinde Cornelisse is currently one of the Netherlands most successful dressage riders. With her horse Parzival, she was a member of the Dutch national team at the Peking and London Olympic Games. In London, she was a reserve, but in Peking she took part in the team competition, in which she won bronze together with Anky van Grunsven and Edward Gal. In the individual competition, she succeeded in winning silver. Plospan has sponsored Adelinde for some time and supports her in triumphant sporting career.

Hats off to Adelinde
In return for the sponsoring, Adelinde agreed to give a select group of Plospan customers a private dressage lesson. Riding their own horses, a total of six eager customers took part in a serious training session lasting 45 minutes in which Adelinde gave them helpful directions and concrete tips matched to their individual level that they could put into practice straight away. The training session was a stunning success.

Enthusiasm and passion
Adelinde thought that the training session was a huge success and was amazed by the enthusiasm and passion of the student riders. The 6 Plospan customers were impressed by the professionalism and the practical tips and directions that immediately enabled them to improve their dressage skills. The event was hugely enjoyable and hats off to Adelinde for giving our customers such an unforgettable evening.