Quality due to mechanical hardness of the woodpellets.

Plospan wood pellets owe there strong market position to there excellent quality. They stand out from other pellets and especially because of their mechanical hardness. Plospan woodpellets are CO2 neutral. This means that the resisdue of the trees used as raw materials to make our biomass woodpellets absorb the same amount of CO2 when the woodpellets are burned. The specially pressed woodpellets have an extraordinary high heating value.

Eco-friendly fuel

Germany and the Scandinavian countries are the frontrunners in the use of this alternative fuel but Dutch consumers are also becoming increasingly more interested in eco friendly forms of heating. This is mainly being spurred by rising fuel prices and increasing pressure to reduce CO2 emissions.

Clean combustion

Plospan woodpellets are particularly suitable for use in small and medium-sized automatic heating systems because they are exceptionally compact and solid. They have a very clean and easily controllable rate of combustion. See the table below for an impression of the measured heating values of different types of fuel:

  • 1 m3 natural gas 31.65 MJ
  • 1 kg fuel oil 41.9 MJ
  • 1 kg Plospan biomass wood pellets 18.5 MJ

Upcycling: the new recycling

Other people often talk about recycling but we prefer to use the term ‘upcycling’. What other people usually think of as waste, forms the base for Plomp & Zonen B.V.’s ‘new’ top of the line product. And ‘upcycling’ certainly applies to our Plospan woodpellets!