A popular alternative

Straw is also a popular bedding material for pet rodents and a good alternative to wood fibre.

30 or 75 litres spreading volume

We supply this product as a ‘service article’ in small bags, but also as full truck-loads in bales. Spreading volumes of 30 or 75 litres are also available in bulk.

Dust proof 2/6
Absorption 2/6
Hygiene 2/6
Volume / comfort 4/6



Spreading volume: 30 litres
Per Europallet: 144 bags
Per bundle: 6 pieces
Pallet: 125 x 80 x 120 (H x W x L)

Spreading volume: 75 litres
Per Europallet: 64 bags
Per bundle: 4 pieces
Pallet: 125 x 80 x 120 (H x W x L)