Hygienic and ultra-absorbent

Sawdust is lighter and has a finer structure than wood fibre, and is mainly used as bedding on pig and cattle farms. This user-friendly product has great absorption power, which makes it highly functional as a bedding material.

Optimal comfort for your livestock

Sawdust provides an even bedding in pigsties and cowsheds. As a result, the cows’ udders stay clean and dry, which reduces the risk of infection. In short: light and easy to use, but also comfortable for your livestock.

Plospan Medi+ and Plospan Super

Besides standard sawdust, our assortment also includes Plospan Medi+ and Plospan Super. Plospan Medi+ has a disinfecting effect and therefore additionally reduces the risk of pathogenic bacteria accumulating in cow and pig pens. Plospan Medi+ has precisely the right blend of sawdust and minerals to have the optimal effect in pigsties or cowsheds. Plospan Super is sieved twice and is consequently the most dust-free sawdust product we make.

140-litre large-size bag or bulk load

Our sawdust is available in large-sized bags with a standard spreading volume of 140 litres. The product is sieved twice and packed dust-free in 100% recyclable foil. Besides large-sized bags, sawdust can also be delivered in bulk loads.

Dust proof 3/6
Absorption 6/6
Hygiene 5/6
Volume / comfort 2/6



Spreading volume: 140 litres
Per pallet: 36 bags
Variations: Super, MediPlus
Pallet: 133 x 120 x 160 (H x W x L)

Can also be supplied in (unpacked) bulk loads of 40m3.