Practical animal bedding

Flax is an arable crop that grows exceptionally well on the clay soils of the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. Plomp & Zonen B.V. uses the woody core of the flax stem to make high-quality bedding material. Because of its attractive price and excellent versatility, flax is much in demand as a bedding material.

Good absorption

An important property of flax is that it absorbs moisture well. It is a popular bedding material in stables because it gives horses a dry surface to lie on.

Fast composting

Flax breaks down quickly and can therefore easily be composted.

Dust proof 6/6
Hygiene 2/6
Volume / comfort 2/6



Spreading volume: 500 litres
Packed volume: 120 litres
Per Europallet: 24 bags
Pallet: 280 x 120 x 160 (H x W x L)