Cat litter pellets

Eco-friendly wood pellets

Our cat litter pellets are made from the finest sawdust, which is pressed into eco-friendly granules. Purely natural and really easy to use in cat litters. Because they are compacted and pressed together, the pellets remain dust-free.

High absorption level

Plospan cat litter pellets have a high absorption level, which makes them very economical to use. Our cat litter pellets can absorb at least 2.5 times their own weight in liquid, whereas traditional products can only absorb 1 to 1.5 times their own weight.


Because Plospan cat litter pellets are made from 100% natural materials, they are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Dust proof 6/6
Absorption 6/6
Hygiene 4/6
Volume / comfort 4/6


Cat litter pellets

Spreading volume: 10 litres
Per Europallet: 90 bags
Pallet: 94 x 80 x 120 (H x W x L)

Spreading volume: 25 litres
Per Europallet: 40 bags
Pallet: 115 x 80 x 120 (H x W x L)