Beech wood chips

Dry and heat-insulating

Similarly to all the other Plospan products, our beech wood chips are completely natural and eco-friendly. Beech wood chips are hygienic, dry and practically dust-free. They are mainly used as bedding in reptile tanks, bird cages and hutches for small pets.

Insulating effect

Beech wood chips are often used because the material’s insulating properties help keep animals warm and cosy. Droppings can easily be removed by picking them up with the surrounding wood chips.

Different sizes

Plospan beech wood chips are available in different sizes: 6, 8 and 10 mm diameter. The choice is up to you!

Small bags

Beech wood chips are supplied in 5 and 15-kg bags.

Dust proof 6/6
Absorption 2/6
Hygiene 4/6
Volume / comfort 2/6


Beech wood chips

Spreading volume: 5 kilo
Per Europallet: 75 bags
Pallet: 158 x 80 x 120 (H x W x L)

Spreading volume: 15 kilo
Per Europallet: 30 bags
Pallet: 188 x 80 x 120 (H x W x L)