A pioneer in processed wood products

Plomp & Zonen B.V. is one of the leading pioneers in wood processing in Europe. Our company is based in Waardenburg, which is situated centrally in the Netherlands on the A2 motorway. Quality, service and customer-friendliness are the core values of our family business. Our product range focuses specifically on high-quality bedding for horses, livestock and small pets. In addition, we are specialised in producing eco-friendly fuel in the form of high-quality wood pellets.

Production capacity

The machinery at our Waardenburg facility gives us optimal production capacity, the ability to process incoming raw materials quickly and enables us to guarantee the greatest possible continuity of supplies.

Plospan – the brand name of Plomp & Zonen B.V.

Our bedding products are all made from wood and are marketed under the name Plospan®. Besides bedding materials made from wood, we also supply a number of ‘service products’, such as hay, straw and flax.


The fact that our company continues to grow and innovate in a changing market is demonstrated by our bioenergy product solutions in the form of wood pellets that are also marketed under the name Plospan®. Because Plomp & Zonen B.V. researches the possibilities of processed wood products on an ongoing basis, we are continually able to launch new and innovative products.