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The touch of wood

Plomp & Zonen B.V. is specialised in producing high-quality animal bedding materials from wood shavings. Hence our slogan: ‘The touch of wood’. What other people usually think of as waste forms the basis for Plomp & Zonen B.V.’s ‘new’ top-line products. Nature, the environment and the purity of wood were the underlying motives for developing a variety of bedding materials and bedding products for diverse applications. Our products do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives so they form the ideal basis for 100% natural bedding that is comfortable, clean, tidy and easy to use. Our natural products have excellent hygiene properties; they help keep animals healthy and compare especially favourably with alternative forms of bedding.

Our products are marketed under the name Plospan®. Plomp & Zonen B.V. has built up a global sales network and, throughout its long history, has proven itself to be a dependable partner for distributing and delivering wood-fibre and sawdust products. The continual investments in advanced manufacturing and processing techniques enable our family business to guarantee high-quality products as well as excellent service and reliability for our suppliers and customers.

Plospan 100% powered by solar energy