Sawdust and wood fibre is picked up from sawmills and wood-processing industries. On average, Plospan B.V. has about 600 containers and trailers on location throughout the country. Picking and exchanging is done on demand. The trucks deliver the PLOSPAN® products to the wholesalers and distributors after which they are distributed to the end users. For them, it is a residual product, for Plospan B.V., it is the raw material (basis) from which we make our pure natural end product in a specialist manner (upcycling when collecting the residual wood > to delivery of the end product). Mulch, sawdust from chipboard and other sheet materials in which adhesives and other additions have been processed must be strictly separated by the wood-processing companies during processing. The residual wood is deposited in various unloading halls and then brought to the sieving plant by means of a large hopper. This machine sifts the material, after which the sifted products, i.e. wood shavings and sawdust, go to the different modern computer-operated presses and are packaged in film that is 100% recyclable. The wood dust is processed in another production process to produce wood pellets, which leave the factory in bulk and as bagged goods.


It is important to our suppliers that the residual wood that becomes available with their own production is picked up and collected by us in a timely manner. This ensures that their processes do not stagnate and that their wood residue products are disposed of efficiently. For collecting, we are able to place trailers or special suction containers for collecting the residual product. One less worry for our suppliers who can then focus entirely on their own business and process. Collecting our raw materials is done with sustainability in mind. Plospan has its own fleet of 35 truck combinations on the road supplemented by an average of 30 articulated trucks of external transporters. This ensures that we are very flexible and routes for collecting residual wood and delivering the end product to our customers can be coordinated with care. In principle, we do not put an empty truck on the road. This is how we save energy and the environment as much as possible. Our articulated trucks also comply with the implemented Euro 6 standard, which means we drive cleaner. If you want to supply us with clean wood, please contact us enclosing a few photos of the product.