Wood pellets White

The Plospan Bioenergy softwood pellets are particularly suitable for pellet stoves and pellet boilers built before 2009 and a number of brands that are specially equipped to burn only softwood. This includes molehill burners where the pellets are fed from below and ignited on a burner head. Wood pellets are CO2 neutral, which means that the tree that acts as a raw material for the production of the wood pellets absorbs as much CO2 as is emitted during combustion. The entire production process is powered by solar energy, using locally collected clean untreated wood residue without additives.


Weight: approx. 10 kg

Euro pallets: 78 packs (80 x 120 cm)

Weight: approx. 14 kg

Euro pallets: 56 packs (80 x 120 cm)


From 4.000kg

  • dust extracted
  • heat release
  • comfort