Jumping Amsterdam

Plospan supplies high-quality bedding for stables that is produced in a sustainable manner. For example, Plospan has been supplying the bedding for the stables at Jumping Amsterdam for years. Animal welfare is increasingly important today. The Excellent wood fiber supplied to Jumping Amsterdam is not only a beautiful sight in the stables, but the horses also stand and lie extra comfortably on this floor covering. The horses therefore feel as comfortable as at home in their own stable and that contributes to their top performance.

“We have had a great collaboration with Jumping Amsterdam for years, the organization, the atmosphere, the total package, it is an extremely beautiful event with top sport, passion and fun that we are happy to be part of.” Said Lincy Plomp from Plospan.

“Jumping Amsterdam is a fantastic event that attracts many riders and this is a good showcase for Plospan to experience our wood fibers in the stables. We hope to continue our collaboration for many years to come and to organize a high-quality event every year where Plospan is part of the horse and rider.”

‘Well-being is our number 1 priority and we also want to give everyone a warm welcome. What better way to do that than to welcome the horses to a stable filled with high-quality Plospan ground cover. Plospan is a company with a clear vision and sustainable attitude and therefore fits perfectly with the vision of Jumping Amsterdam. We have had a very pleasant collaboration in recent years and we are happy that we can continue this collaboration with another 3 editions.’

If you would like to know more about this ground cover, take a look at the Plospan webshop now.

Plospan has been supplying Jumping Amsterdam for many years. We hope to do this for many years to come.

Jumping Amsterdam 2017 – © Luifoto.nl