Plospan Bioenergy B.V. officially accepted for the BSL in the UK.

As from today, Plospan Bioenergy B.V. has been officially accepted by the British government as a supplier. BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) UK ensures that all imports of wood pellets and related biomass to the UK comply with strict environmental requirements. This means that the production process, transport and raw materials must remain within set parameters (minimum CO2 emissions). Raw materials must demonstrably originate from controlled felling. The most important issue here is the fact that more new trees are being planted than are being felled.

More information about the BSL can be found by visiting:

Plospan takes yet another step forward in sustainable entrepreneurship with PEFC.

Registration number: CU-PEFC-870686

The fact that Plospan is ENplus, DINplus and Better Biomass certified was already known. However, the market does not stand sill and constantly demands improvement in the much discussed “sustainable entrepreneurship”. Plospan’s latest certification has been launched and has made it possible to produce wood pellets with a 100% PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) claim.

Plospan expands its fleet with an extra bulk vacuum truck.

We started with one of the first vacuum truck a number of years ago, together with leading fitters of the larger heating systems. Since the number of systems that burn wood pellets has grown exponentially because of, for example, the Dutch sustainable energy investment grant grants and the Dutch Renewable Energy Production Incentive Scheme subsidies, the Plomp Group purchased vacuum truck number two. This truck also has all of the standard connections. The daily route of the trucks include office and business premises, poultry farmers, pig farms, calf farms, swimming pools and many private individuals.

Working visit from the Dutch King’s Commissioner to Plospan

“Sustainability is in their genes”

The King’s Commissioner from Gelderland Clemens Cornielje came to see wood processor Plospan’s solar panel project in Waardenburg on Wednesday, 25 August. He hopes that other companies follow the example of Plospan. “This project does not take up a single square metre.”


WAARDENBURG – “Wow! Beautiful!”, Clemens Cornielje exclaimed when he first saw the sea of solar panels on Plospan’s roofs. The Dutch King’s Commissioner had just climbed the ten-metre high stairs to the viewpoint over the industrial buildings. It was a perfect summer’s day for a working visit to the solar panel project in Waardenburg. The bright sunlight reflected from more than nine thousand solar panels glittered in the eyes of the King’s Commissioner from Gelderland like a blight blue mirror.

During the first tour of Plospan’s site together with the mayor of Neerijnen, Harry de Vries, the King’s Commissioner was clearly already impressed. This was due to the amount of power produced by the solar panels, Plospan’s cogeneration plants and the business process itself. Plospan processes 3000 tonnes of wood per week and the King’s Commissioner was able to see this in action: from the tree trunks that are rolled through the planer to the automatic packaging of wood shavings and biofuel pellets.

Cornielje bombarded the Plomp brothers, who run Plospan, with questions about the history of the family-run business, about the companies that had helped to install the solar panel project and about the export of wood products to China. “If not, all those containers would return to China empty. Now they are filled with wood shavings”, Rober Plomp explained.

The King’s Commissioner stated that he had solar panels on his own home and was particularly interested in the delivery of green energy to Liander’s power grid. “So you are actually a power supplier.”

At the end of his visit, the King’s Commissioner said that he was especially impressed by the fact that Plospan’s solar panel project used 2.5 hectares of existing roofs. “This project does not take up a single square metre. The roofs were there already. You see a lot of large solar panel projects with new construction, but there is not much new construction. There are still a lot of roofs in the Netherlands. This should be imitated everywhere.”

He admits that this would take a lot of courage on the part of entrepreneurs. “But if one sheep leaps over the ditch, the rest will follow.” Cornielje hopes that other companies will come to look at Plospan and learn from it. “They won’t have to figure everything out themselves. There are so many aspects with such a project. Plospan has thought of everything here. It is also very impressive how these four brothers reflect on sustainable business practices, how much they know and how it keeps them busy every day. Sustainability is clearly in their genes. With a family-run business, I can say that.”

Solar panel party at Plospan


As a family business with a clear focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, we were really proud when the former President of the House of Representatives, Anouchka van Miltenburg, who lives in the same area as we do, opened the largest solar panel project in Gelderland at Plosplan’s business premises on Friday, 3 June!

Green energy
Van Miltenburg drove into the marquee, which was set up on Plosplan’s premises in Waardenburg for the occasion, in a Stella Lux solar-powered car. In her speech, she compared our wood-chip-processing plant to the winner of the World Solar Challenge by saying, “Both produce more green energy than they use.”

Largest solar panel project
More than two hundred invited guests attended the event organised by Plospan to celebrate the completion of the 2.5-hectare solar panel array on the roofs of the factory buildings. It is one of the largest solar panel projects in the Netherlands and the largest in the province of Gelderland. The final six panels were put in place on Tuesday, 31 May.

The courage to invest
Van Miltenburg continued her speech by talking about the increasing popularity of solar power and the role played by industry in the use of sustainable energy. She praised Plosplan’s 2.2-million euro investment in solar panels by stating, “Solar power is definitely the way forward, but it needs companies like Plospan, which take their responsibilities seriously and dare to take risks.”

9,240 solar panels
By pushing a ‘big red button’, she symbolically put the 9,240 solar panels into operation together with the four brothers of the Plomp family who run Plospan.

And now we are hoping for plenty of hours of sunshine so we can generate the maximum amount of electricity to meet our own needs and to feed as much as possible back to the ‘grid’.

Private lesson by Adelinde Cornelisse

Adelinde Cornelisse is currently one of the Netherlands most successful dressage riders. With her horse Parzival, she was a member of the Dutch national team at the Peking and London Olympic Games. In London, she was a reserve, but in Peking she took part in the team competition, in which she won bronze together with Anky van Grunsven and Edward Gal. In the individual competition, she succeeded in winning silver. Plospan has sponsored Adelinde for some time and supports her in triumphant sporting career.

Hats off to Adelinde
In return for the sponsoring, Adelinde agreed to give a select group of Plospan customers a private dressage lesson. Riding their own horses, a total of six eager customers took part in a serious training session lasting 45 minutes in which Adelinde gave them helpful directions and concrete tips matched to their individual level that they could put into practice straight away. The training session was a stunning success.

Enthusiasm and passion
Adelinde thought that the training session was a huge success and was amazed by the enthusiasm and passion of the student riders. The 6 Plospan customers were impressed by the professionalism and the practical tips and directions that immediately enabled them to improve their dressage skills. The event was hugely enjoyable and hats off to Adelinde for giving our customers such an unforgettable evening.

Solar panels, solar panels and even more solar panels!

From September to mid November 2015, the Xperal firm from Nederweert fitted a total of 9,240 solar panels on the roofs of the buildings at Plomp & Zonen BV’s company premises. It was a huge job, but now every square metre of roof is being utilised to its maximum potential.

Completely energy-self-sufficient
The result is that Plomp & Zonen BV has become completely energy self-sufficient. The solar panels generate a total output of 2.4 megawatts, which is enough to meet the energy requirements of 5,800 households per year. The solar panels on the roofs of the company buildings generate more energy than Plomp & Zonen BV needs for its own operations. This means that all the energy all the energy superfluous to the company’s own requirements is fed into the power grid. In this way, the company contributes to renewable energy and a cleaner environment not only for itself, but also for the local community.

SDE subsidy
For this socially responsible project, Plomp & Zonen BV obtained a subsidy under the Sustainable Energy Production Incentive (SDE) scheme. The Dutch government set up an 8-billion euro fund in 2015 to help businesses like Plomp & Zonen BV generate clean energy from solar panels.