Packaged wood pellets

Plospan’s wood pellets can be purchased in the shop in loose bags of 10 or 14 kg up to full pallets. (78 10-kg bags or 56 14-kg bags) If you like convenience, you can also order online for home delivery (only if ordering a full pallet). When you order, you can indicate where the pallet should be placed or whether you want delivery on a specific day. When delivered, each pallet is fitted with a water-protected cover suitable for temporary outdoor storage. Do, however, note that the bag must always be stored in a dry environment since vapour can penetrate due to the microperformations in the film even though water cannot penetrate.

Bulk delivery

Skip max. 1 tonne per skip (always in combination with a forklift truck)​The Plospan skips are particularly suitable for historical buildings, for example, where a dumping pit will be used for aesthetic reasons or because such buildings usually have wooden access bridges. That is how we deliver wood pellets to, for example, Geofort and Loevestein Castles.Max. Walking Floor 35 tonnes​Plospan’s Walking Floor vehicles can be used if there is a dumping pit. The main advantage of this type of delivery is that there is a minimum amount of friction dust because the wood pellets only go into the bunker due to gravity.Vacuum/tanker truck max. 25/30 tonnes​This type of vacuum truck (see the figure at the top of the page) can supply between 2 to 25/30 tonnes per delivery. The tanker truck trailer is fitted with all common connections and has a steerable rear axle. The location must have an air intake and an air exhaust. Vacuum truck max. 18 tonnes A short truck fitted with all common connections that has a steerable rear axle. This type of truck is used if the location is difficult to access or if a lower axle load is needed. It is useful for roads on dykes or access roads that do not have sufficient capacity for large trucks. </br></br>

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