From September to mid November 2015, the Xperal firm from Nederweert fitted a total of 9,240 solar panels on the roofs of the buildings at Plomp & Zonen BV’s company premises. It was a huge job, but now every square metre of roof is being utilised to its maximum potential.

Completely energy-self-sufficient
The result is that Plomp & Zonen BV has become completely energy self-sufficient. The solar panels generate a total output of 2.4 megawatts, which is enough to meet the energy requirements of 5,800 households per year. The solar panels on the roofs of the company buildings generate more energy than Plomp & Zonen BV needs for its own operations. This means that all the energy all the energy superfluous to the company’s own requirements is fed into the power grid. In this way, the company contributes to renewable energy and a cleaner environment not only for itself, but also for the local community.

SDE subsidy
For this socially responsible project, Plomp & Zonen BV obtained a subsidy under the Sustainable Energy Production Incentive (SDE) scheme. The Dutch government set up an 8-billion euro fund in 2015 to help businesses like Plomp & Zonen BV generate clean energy from solar panels.